Master Schedulers Getting Started

Master Scheduler - I schedule for multiple teams in one organization.

I assure you the easiest and best way to learn is to email me for a live tutorial with myself or a member of the support team. It is my goal to ensure that you are successful using Please keep in mind they we are innovating very quickly at, and things change quickly. One thing that never changes is that we are here to help.

Before getting started:

  1. Please note that next to the YH, it should say Organization. You can use the arrow next to Organization to switch between Organization, Team and League. The Organization tab is where you can view all teams at once, and the team tab is where you can view the schedule, one team at a time, be mindful of which tab you are on.
  2. You can change a team name, level, division, or a rink name at any time during the process, and it will change through out the schedule, just edit or rename.
  3. Do not delete the unassigned team, it will come in handy.

Here are some notes:

Set up teams


Under the Organization tab select settings

  1. on right side under settings, you will need to set up your rinks and teams one at a time.
  2. select rinks, add rinks from the existing list or create new. Rinks you schedule home games and practices at, should appear on the right under your rinks. Add the address, this will add directions to your rink to the directory. note: Do not add away rinks.
  3. Add division's, ie Squirt, Pee Wee, it is important that you use the same divisions as the other teams you plan to schedule games with. Note: The system will think Peewee, and Pee Wee are 2 different divisions. Teams match based on their division and level. We recommend that you categorize your teams in the following divisions, U6, U8, Squirt, PeeWee, Bantam, 16U, 18U. This will maximize your potential opponents, for non-legaue games. Feel free to use the name over ride to change the display name, ie, Rangers U18 - "Rangers Midget Major"
  4. Add levels, ie. AA, A, B, House, minor major. It is important that all teams in the same league use the same levels to describe teams that are equal. If your league has minor and major, and minors do not play majors, use minor and major for the level. For example if Bantam AAA majors only play Bantam Majors, and Bantam AAA Minors only play Bantam Minors, then AAA should go in the misc. id, since major and minor (and Bantam) is(are)the true differentiating factors.
  5. Using the Divisions and levels you created. Add your teams. Assign them to the correct league.
  6. If you have teams in multiple leagues, go under "settings" "general", and add a secondary league, if you don't see your league let us know and we will add it to the database.


  1. Change Levels: allows you to rename your teams or change divisions at any time. This is great for teams that are placed after a Jamboree. Under Organization/Settings click edit and you can change the level. this will change the level throughout the schedule.
  2. Display name, Name override, allows you to display what ever name you want on the calendar. The idea here is you have a Squirt B team, But prefer not to call them B, leave the level as B, but use the name override to name them "Rangers Squirt American" (note use must include the association name in the name override or others will not know which Squirt American team you are), no one sees the level but you, the B is used to assist in matching.
  3. Misc. id is used to add an additional description. Ex. Squirt B Red, Squirt B Blue.
    This allows an organization to differentiate between 2 teams they plan to skate at the same level.

Add events, and/or ice slots

You can upload your slots from a CSV file, add slots one at a time, or in bulk.

  1. One at a time. Click the day, choose event type, fill out form.
  2. Repeating events, use the "Add Event Key" , select "multi ___" fill out form.
  3. Upload, under "organization" "tools" "uploader.

Ways to schedule.

  1. Pre-assign, example: Bantam A's practice every Tuesday at 8:00 and have a home slot every Saturday at 4:00.
  2. Enter all slots as "unassigned" and re-assign them in one at a time or in bulk as you go along
  3. tbd* *currently not available

To Pre assign:

  1. Switch to the team (In blue bar next to "Viewing")
  2. Select Schedule
  3. Choose a team from the drop down under the blue bar
  4. Use the green "Add event" key, follow along and add slots one at a time , or multiple repeating slots.
    To enter Unassigned slots - Under the "Organization" tab go to schedule. Use the green "Add Event" key to add slots one at a time or multiple. Select unassigned as team. You can add all your ice slots and then change them to a game or practice. (You can also upload "unassigned" or "assigned slots")
    note: when adding practices, consider pre-assigning them to a specific team

Editing Slots:

  1. One at a time:
    1. From Calendar view, click the slot select view and edit details
    2. From List view, click the pencil
  2. Bulk editing:
    Using the edit keys on top of the list view, you can edit, team, type of event, time, duration, or delete from the list view.

Some examples of things you can do:

ex 1: Choose 10 random slots, and assign them as Bantam A/B shared ice practice

ex 2: Shift all available slots back 15 minutes on Saturday (this will not shift the time of previously scheduled games)

ex 3: Make every Tuesday at 8:00 a full ice practice for Squirt B's

Options: I highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with this tab it can be very useful.

  1. Edit options, this allows you to customize what days, what rinks, what teams, and what type of events you want displayed.
    ex. Say you need to change the times of all slots on rink 3, on Saturdays, by 30 minutes. One way to do it would be to go thru all your slots and check off the Saturdays on rink 3 and then edit. a better option would be to go under "options" select "Saturday's" only, "rink 3". You have now filtered the list view to show only events on rink 3 on Saturday's. You can then edit the entire list, by selecting all (check box on top). and clicking the clock.
  2. Create Widget, functions the same way as "edit options" but now allows you to create a widget. A widget is the term we use to describe a "custom automatically updating display", you can add to your website. You can also create a custom url, with any information you choose to display.
    ex. Your referee assignor needs a calendar with just home games. You create a widget with the rink he assigns for, with only home games. you email him the URL. As you make updates, his URL, will automatically reflect the changes.

Once you have added your slots:

  1. You can click on them, and create a game, or a practice.
  2. Consider Inviting team managers - under Organization tab select managers. Enter managers name and email (use to create manager display) invite managers to their specific teams. Managers will not have an organization tab, only a team tab for their specific team

    1. Under manager permissions, choose what scheduling options you want your team managers to have.
    2. If you choose nothing, managers will be able to enter scores, add off ice events and invite parents to view the calendar, and use our Ical, google calendar feeds, and cell phone integration.
  3. Integrate displays with website: Under Organization Tab, Select Tools

    1. schedule
    2. roster (if players do not have an email, you can use a plug, do not use the parents email for a player.)
    3. managers
  4. Create custom displays. From the organization schedule tab, select options: "create a widget" choose events, rinks, teams etc. you want to display. Add a name "League Games", "Rink 1 Schedule", Click Create. Under options tab select "view widgets" , view widget, if you like this display, choose "grab embed code". Ask your webmaster or webpage provider, "How do I add HTML Code" Add the "embed code" to your existing site to add display.

  5. League Directory, Free Websites- see organization, settings, websites, follow directions. Please note that automatically creates a listing under the "League Directory" on the home page. You may want to add a logo, banner, and some useful info about your club. You can use this as your webpage, or you can also enter a link to your existing site.

  6. Please note, that you can also enable "player registration" players can sign up on your website, you can assign them to a team and export a list of parents and players under the "people tab".

  7. Credit card processing, we can and will save you money. Use our online registration, online credit card processing or iphone swipe. Contact us to find out how you can go paperless, save time and save money!

  8. Request notes from us for your team managers, players, parents and coaches.