New Features for 2013

Season clearing

First thing to do is to go under "Organization" "Settings", On the right side select "season settings". Follow steps to delete the 2012 schedule, and disassociate parents, players and managers from their 2012 season.

Upload Slots

You may add your slots the same way as last year using the add events tab. You may also now upload from a spread sheet, see "tools" "up loader" . note "(unassigned)" = "(unassigned)" not "unassigned"

Multiple League Support

Multiple League Support: Have teams in 2 Leagues? Under "Settings" "general settings" Choose your secondary league from the list (don't see it) email us, will add it). Under team, assign your teams to the correct league.

Game Editing

We have expanded the bulk edit tools, you can now edit games as well as other events. Just about everything can be edited individually or in bulk in the list. Go to Schedule, choose "list" in top right.

Custom Views

All displays can be customize, using the "Options" tab, you can chose, what days, rinks, teams, events to display. Use the list view to bulk edit all events for a specific day team rink etc.

Custom Displays

You can also use the "Options" tab to "create widgets" or custom display's for your website or custom URL's. "Options" "Create widget".


Please add the address to your rink, this will appear in the league directory, and provide directions to those that need them, go under "settings" choose "rink" and add the address.

Free Websites

Free listing in the directory, these can also be used for your website. See "league directory" on our home page. Search for your league, choose your organization. Also note the free team page. Use "post" to add info to the Organization page (also note post on your team pages). You may also add a logo, a banner, and about content using the website settings.

Player Registration

Can be enabled under the website settings as well, have your players register here, and use the "people" tab to assign them to teams, or export to a spread sheet. Interested in adding payment processing? Will make this process easy and save you lots of money at the same time.