How do I subscribe to my calendar using Microsoft Outlook

To add a calendar to your Outlook 2007 calendar.

You can copy your calendar feed from the "Tools" section under the "Team" tab.



Once you have copied the link to your calendar go to Outlook.

  • From your Outlook 2007 Calendar menu, select “Tools”, then “Account Settings”.

  • Select the Internet Calendars Tab and click the “New” button


  • Paste the URL you copied in step #2 into the box. Enter control-V or click the paste command and click “Add”.

  • A “Subscription Options” box will be displayed. You have the option here to change the display name for your calendar and/or add a description


  • Click OK

  • Expand the “Other Calendars” section in your navigation pane and select the name of the calendar you just setup to view your hockey schedule. Use the arrows on your calendar tabs to merge/separate your hockey calendar with your standard Outlook calendar.