How would we handle non league games?

Q: We also play many games against AAA teams as well as teams in the DVHL (and I am sure the northern teams play games against NY teams). How would these teams be integrated?How would we handle non league games

A: Yes, and it is already in the program to search out of league. However I believe it is critical that we have a successful roll out and would want to initially use the matching only within the league. We can consider being more aggressive for 09 if we do enough testing.

As of now for outside of league games: 1. we can provide convenient access to contact information for all teams

  1. password protected access to everyones up to date schedules. meaning if you want to make your schedule accessible to only your team, and all master schedulers, all managers you can. or you can keep it private, or public to all. - this open for discussion among the users.

  2. games can be added manually.

  3. games desired, or open slots can be posted to a message board for all users to see.